Friday, September 21, 2007

Umm..... Maybe i was just depressed

Okay so my last post was just a little depressing, so here is an optimistic one. Seriously, most of the time i am an optimist, not a pessimist, i was just in a really bad mood. I have more true friends than that. Like Leslie, and Justin, and Rileigh for example.
I just started swimming at CAC yesterday, and i am like DYING!!!! I haven't swam in like two months so i'm a little out of shape. We do 30 minutes of dry land before every practice, where we do at least 50 crunches, then like 30 push ups, then we walk out to this sand pit and either run across it, or do other little tiring excersies. Then we get in the pool and swim for an hour and a half, and those of you who think that that doesn't sound so bad, i challenge you to come to one of the practices and see just how hard it really is, ANDREW HASTINGS.
I just had a quiz in language arts, and we had to decide things that have something to do with one of our vocab words, and its multiple choice; so one of the choices on one question was " nail jello to the wall" and i thought that that was a really funny idea. Call me immature, but thats funny. I mean, don't you get a funny mental image of oozing jello?

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