Friday, September 14, 2007

life sucks

Do you ever feel like your life is an absurd board game played by an exasperating higher power who delights in making your life as miserable as possible? If not than you are the luckiest person in the world. For the rest of us, just know that you are not the only one. I feel like that all the time. sometimes i feel like the world is is going right; my friends like me, i look good, if not great, and my family life is going well. Then, just because whatever higher power is out there feels like tormenting me, it falls down around my ankles, like the walls of Jericho. All my friends start ditching me and not returning my text messages, i start to think that nothing i wear or do with my hair looks good, and all of a sudden, my mom decides i am the most lazy, ungrateful, inconsiderate child ever. Then i go into depression on and off for about a week, and no one understands why. It is maddening. Why can't my life just be relativly normal? Why can't a have a non physotic mom? And is it too much to ask that my friends actually like me? Only a few are actually loyal. So thank you Lia, Whitney, and Audrie. You keep me from commiting siucide

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ryanm said...

you probably dont read this anymore. (your blog, meaning) what a world....what a world. sometimes life treats you like the scum not even worthy of the fricken sewer. Thats when youve got to take a stand. Thats when you need to get up and put a stop to it. When your last hopes are starting to fade and desperation sets what i didnt do. keep fighting.